40th Anniversary Ceremony

Investiture of the Grand Priory of Great Britain,
Malta and Gibraltar and Associated Territories

The Regent of the Order of Saint Stanislas, H.E. Chev. Tomás L. Lorant, has formed a new Regency Council to fill vacancies and appoint new members thus bringing new ideas and skills to the Council for the future.

The members are:
The Regent, Tomás L. Lorant, as Chairperson                        Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt
Thaddæus von Lison                                                            Alexander Graff de Pancsova
Albert Winiecki                                                                    Lawrence J. Day
Russell Male                                                                          Angelica E. Roehr

The newly constituted Regency Council met on the 30th March 2019 in London for the first time.

Grand Chancellor: Alexander Graff de Pancsova
Regional Chancellor for Latin America: Tomás L. Lorant Regional
Chancellor for Europe: Alexander Graff de Pancsova
Regional Chancellor for North America: vacant
Regional Chancellor for Australasia: Russell Male
Grand Secretary: Diana Rose Causton
Grand Marshall: Thaddæus von Lison Grand
Treasurer: Angelica E. Roehr
Grand Prelate: vacant
King of Arms: Joseph Ritter von Groenesteyn
Grand Constable: Lawrence J. Day
Chief Communications Officer: Mathias J. Grabher
Grand Legate for other Orders: Sylvia Fritz-Anhalt
Grand Legate for South-East Europe: Ivana McCann Grand
Legate for Europe: Thaddæus von Lison
Grand Legate for Poland: Albert Winiecki
Grand Legate for Overseas Territories: Russell Male
Grand Councillor: Roger Bateman
Grand Councillor: Herbert Claas
Ambassador at large (Malta): Walter Passiful

This exiciting development was proclaimed and made public at the 40th Anniversary Ceremony on 30th March 2019 in London and will be effective immediately.

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