Ordensgeschichte – History

Saint Stanislas Bishop and Martyr

Image from the Hungarian Kings‘ Anjou Legendarium of the XIV century

Stanislaw Szczepanowski,
(July 26, 1030 – April 11, 1079) was a Bishop of Kraków known chiefly for having been martyred by the Polish king Boleslaw II the Bold.

On September 17, 1253, at Assisi, Stanislaw was canonized by Pope Innocent IV. Saint Stanislaw’s veneration has had great patriotic importance in Poland. The Bishop’s body was then hacked to pieces and thrown into a pool outside the church. According to the legend, his members miraculously reintegrated while the pool was guarded by four eagles. In the period of Poland’s feudal fragmentation, it was believed that Poland would one day reintegrate as had the members of Saint Stanislaw’s body.

1 – Saint Stanislaus being ordained as bishop.
2 – Saint Stanislaus resurrects Peter.
3 – King Boleslaw murders Saint Stanislaus.
4 – Stanislaus‘ body is cut in pieces.

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