Regency Council

The Regency Council is together with the Grand Magistry the governing board of our Order. It is presidet by the Regent of the Order Chev. Tomás L. Lorant.

All matters pertaining to the overall membership must be agreed by the Council before they are put into practise and likewise, All decrees must be witnessed and signed by at least three of the Council before becoming effective.




Members of the Regency Council

Chairman: H.E. Tomás L. Lorant, GCCStS

Dame Silvia Fritz-Anhalt, GCCStS
Dame Angelica Roehr, GCCStS
H.E. Alexander Graff de Pancsova, MD, FRCS, GCCStS
H.E. Lawrence J. Day, GCCStS
H.E. Alfred Winiecki, GCCStS
H.E. Thaddaeus von Lison, GCCStS
H.E. Russell Male, GCCStS

Chairman and Regent : Tomas L. Lorant, GCCStS,
Chancellor of Latin America,
Grand Prior of Mexico

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