HE Chevalier Norman Lionel Offield, GCCStS, GMStS 12.12.1938 – 30.07.2018

It was with great sadness that we announced the passing of HE Chevalier Norman Offield on the 30th July 2018. Our thoughts are with his beloved wife Pauline at this very difficult time.

Norman was a gentleman in every sense of the word.  I never heard him raise his voice or hear anyone say anything other than good things about him over the many years of service to the Order of St Stanislas and he worked tirelessly to promote the good works of the Order.

His service to The Order of St Stanislas started in the very early days of the reformed Order which celebrates 40 years in 2019. His efforts helped the Order to grow.

He held many appointments in the Order working his way up to become The Prior of Great Britain (which later became the Grand Priory of Great Britain) and promotion to the highest rank of Class I. He was awarded the Grand Cross of Merit by the Grand Master. Also he was the Grand Almoner and Custodian of Insignia for the worldwide Order, the Chancellor of Western Europe and appointed to the Regency Council and the Grand Magisterial Council with entitlement to wear the Grand Collar of the Order.

Norman was particularly proud to be a Freeman and Citizen of the City of London and a liveryman in the Company of Information Technologists.  He was a member of the Freemen of England and Wales and for a time he was the Warden for the East. Also he was very interested in Heraldry and Orders of Chivalry, their history as well as their modern arms.  He was granted his own Coat of Arms by the College of Arms and was a member of their administrative group, the White Lyon Society. He was a member of the Cavalry Branch of The Volunteer Corps Frontiersmen and met with Earl Kitchener on several occasions. Staying with horses he was also the Champion to The Laid of Balgonie & Endergoll of Balgonie Castle, Markinch, Fife.

Other Orders that Norman was involved with were The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus, The Order of St Thomas of Acon, The Order of St Raphiel, Other Orders of Chivalry, The Royal Society of St George et al.

All those who knew Norman valued his friendship, loyalty and eagerness to help his many friends and strangers from all works of life. He will be sadly missed by St Stanislas members and the other Orders etc he was with and we are left with fond memories of one who served the Orders faithfully.

May God bless him and keep him safe in his tender loving arms.

HE Dame Mervyn Redding, Grand Prior Emeritus and Grand Secretary

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